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Desires EP



Catch up on the latest Music from Dontez.
Respeck - Dontez
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Man From Taured(Google it) - Dontez
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50 Deep
Official Video

"We live in the relative realm, which means that relationships are vital. The reason is,  how will you know that you are right, if there is no left; up if there is no down; tall if there is no short. Appreciate your opposite, for without it how can you experience being what you are."- Dontez


Dontez - NEW MUSIC

The sound of music is constantly changing. You find aspiring artists trying to keep up with the

wave of sound and trends. A true artist makes their own sound and follows no trends. They 

create their own. I create my own sound, you either like it or not. My music comes from my soul 

and I refuse to compromise my sound for anyone. So hate it or love it, I’m going to be 100% 

Dontez….but you can call me JACE.